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Planting seeds is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes you enjoy the fruit yourself, sometimes you don’t, Sometimes you enjoy the shade yourself and other times you know the shades not for you but for those who come behind you. In either case, the seedling requires work and care and sacrifice from those who planted it. Without this there is no future, no fruit, no new life.

The Biblical narrative is full of imperfect individuals that God used in powerful ways, yet in ways that far-outreached their vision, their lives and even at times their knowledge and understanding. This is the call of Jesus, to lay down our lives for those who come behind us. Sometimes God wants to use us in powerful ways to start something that God will use someone else to finish. It's beyond the scope of what we can see. Or maybe even our lives. 

Future Fruit is an invitation: to join God in the work, care and sacrifice of today for the fruit of tomorrow.