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In the Gospel of John, the first question Jesus poses to those who would follow him is a simple one: what do you want? Notice, Jesus doesn't encounter soon-to-be disciples and ask, "What do you know?" He doesn't even ask, "What do you believe" He asks, "What do you want?" This is because our cravings, desires, and longings are at the core of our identity. You become what you desire. 

As followers of Jesus, our longings and desires should reflect what is at the core of our identity: a vision for the kingdom of God. So the Christian life is more a matter of hungering and thirsting than knowing and believing. Jesus is after your wants. He isn't interested in new ideas in your mind. He wants your cravings, desires, and longings. 

Jesus lived a life of love. Through his life, Jesus didn't just teach us how to love, but also what to love. The more we follow Jesus' loves, the more we begin to love what God loves, want what God wants, desire what God desires. When this happens, God's kingdom is brought to earth and lives are changed.