We are a people who expect to experience the power and presence of Christ when we gather. We are a team that works together in various roles, with positions that are reserved for followers of Jesus and others to serve in no matter where you are in your journey with God. We welcome everyone, and we are upfront and serious about our desire for everyone to know and follow Jesus on our team. We believe that makes us stronger. We know that what we do matters and we treat it with respect. We want to love and lead all people in life-changing worship. This is our goal each weekend. This primarily includes prayer, stories, singing, baptism, communion, and teaching the Scriptures. We also seek, when appropriate, to incorporate interactive elements, media, and the arts into our services. We believe that creativity speaks to all of these areas.

These expressions of worship provide people the ability to meet Jesus for the first time, follow him closer, experience His presence in unique ways, understand the Scriptures better and change their life by living out the Scriptures. You play a role in this each weekend when you serve! We take our role seriously. Being part of the team is a commitment to spending time learning the music, sharpening your skills, learning new abilities, coming to rehearsals, working on building community with others, and bringing your best at the weekend services. We understand it takes a lot of work—but it’s also a lot of fun! No matter where you are on your journey of faith, we have a place for you. You might even be new to the whole “church” thing and that’s OK. We’re glad you’re here. We like to see us as family, working together for God’s glory. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this information further, just let us know! We look forward to getting your application back and taking the next steps in this process!

Worship Arts Application Form


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I have committed my life to Jesus Christ. I believe that through Jesus Christ's death on the cross I have received the free gift of salvation.

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As part of this application, we require everybody to submit a video clip or audio sample of your skills at work! Samples should be at least 2:30 minutes long and clearly demonstrate you abilities. You can upload below or send your audio sample to jordan@localgr.org.

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Planning Center Online (PCO) Our primary means of communication and interaction is an online based program called Planning Center Online (PCO). We use this to schedule people to serve, distribute needed info and items like music, allow you post “block out dates” you can’t play, and plan our weekend service orders. It’s an amazing way to keep everyone “in the loop.” We require everyone who serves with us to create an account with PCO. It’s easy and quick. All our volunteers are expected to use and interact with PCO for the weeks they are scheduled. We regularly provide training on how to navigate and use this website (you’ll be pro in no time!) if you need help.

Next Steps Thanks for taking the time to apply for the Worship Arts team at TLC! We’ll get back to you shortly after to schedule an audition. After the audition, we take a short time to pray and evaluate next steps for placement on our teams. If you have any questions about this process, please ask!