I've spent most of my life as a somewhat believer. As a young child I believed because I was told to. As a teenager when moving towns and trying another church I experienced some negativity and stopped going. As a young adult I think I tried convincing myself that God didn't exist. I had a good grasp of science and could logically explain Him away.

Later on, in my early thirties I started trying to go to church again. I still didn't feel a connection, but would go to Easter and Christmas services. In my late thirties, I started to become aware that my life was missing something. I would occasionally find myself in a casual conversation with God in my head, but never took it seriously. I didn't know then, but I know now that it was a relationship with God that I was seeking. Over the next several years, I had a small number of coincidences and revelations that looking back on now could only be through His will.

At the end of 2019, my wife's daughter invited us to TLC. This is when my connection with God really took off. I've grown more spiritually in the last 2 years than the forty some years prior.

My intellect and logic are no longer a foe to my faith, they have become allies. With that, I have gained an inward sense of peace that I wish to share with others.

Now, when I open myself and truly listen, I can feel God's presence wash over me and surround me. I feel like a child in my spirituality, experiencing new and exciting things and I want to see, hear, and learn more each day and continue to grow my relationship with Him. I’d been considering baptism for some time, but the last couple months God has really been showing me that now is the time. So today, I leave behind the life I had made and begin the life that He has made for me.