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July 11-August 1 | 10 AM

 As we begin to enter post-pandemic life, many of us find ourselves in a season of "return". Return to nights out at restaurants with friends, to events at capacity, and to grocery trips without masks. This season presents us an opportunity: to decide the things that are important to us, and build our life around those things; to rehabit ourselves.  

The things that we return to are deeply connected to our desires and our habits. It's time to return to church and rehabit ourselves with what God is calling us towards. It's time to re-devote ourselves to these things and look forward to the potential results. In the book of Acts, the early church devoted their community to a few things that changed history as we know it. Join us over the next few weeks as we explore them and rediscover what it could mean for us to be a part of Jesus' plan A, plan B, and plan Z for  the world.  

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