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September 29th - Dec. 8th

Begin a local group experience by connecting with God, your church, and your purpose through Rooted. 

We are designed to do life in authentic community where we are truly known and loved. 

What should I expect? 
Rooted is a 10-week small group discipleship experience that takes place in groups of 10-12 people that helps you connect to God, the church, and your purpose. You will meet as a group weekly for 10 weeks at TLC, discussing that week’s daily encounters and growing through discipleship experiences through prayer and service. 

We will meet Sunday nights, 4-6PM, from September 29th-December 8th (with a break for Thanksgiving on December 1).
Where is Rooted? 
We will meet here at TLC. 
Will there be childcare? 
Yes, childcare is available for groups who are meeting at TLC on Sundays
Is there a cost? 
Cost is $40/person, due at the first gathering. This helps offset the cost of your participant guide, and large group gatherings and celebration. If you would like to take advantage of onsite childcare, please bring an additional $5 to the first gathering.
What if I can’t be there every Sunday night of the 10-week experience? 
We understand people’s schedules are busy and you may miss a night or two. However, we also understand that whenever someone isn’t present, the group’s dynamics are impacted. If you know you’re going to miss more than two nights, this round of Rooted isn’t for you (but we encourage you to consider attending the next session). 
If I’m already part of a local group…can I join Rooted? How? 
Yes! Rooted is open to already-existing local groups. Talk with your leader and group about going through the Rooted experience together. You will meet at a time and location specific to your group.
What makes this different than a Bible Study? 
Yes, there will be group discussion centered on the truth of the Bible…but Rooted is about more than just studying together. It’s about doing together, applying what you read each week, being vulnerable in discussions, serving, confessing, praying, and celebrating. 10 weeks is a short amount of time to spend with a group who start as strangers, but the level of intimacy that grows is hard to believe. Rooted is a launchpad to connect you to an ongoing local group, where we experience authentic biblical community (care, celebrate, challenge). 
What happens after Rooted? 
Our hope is that after Rooted, your group becomes a local group. Rooted creates a solid foundation for people to experience authentic biblical community where we are celebrated, cared for, and challenged. This is not required though. We understand relationships and group dynamics are complex. Our hope is that Rooted is a springboard for your local group experience, whether that continues with your Rooted group, or continues with a new group of people. 
Location: TLC
Date: Sunday nights from September 29th-Dec. 8th (with a break for Thanksgiving on Dec. 1st)
Time: 4-6 pm